Northside Community Development Fund Real Estate Development Financing Program

The Northside Community Development Fund facilitates business start-up and expansion, commercial real estate development and residential real estate development. The Northside Community Development Fund provides financing to for profit and non-profit real estate developers for the renovation and/or construction of […]

Bridgeway Capital’s Emerging Opportunities Financing

Bridgeway Capital supports real estate developments that improve the quality of life for surrounding populations. The resulting properties become magnets for additional investments, and their planning, construction, and ongoing maintenance offers a range of economic benefits. Bridgeway offers financing options to help a variety of enterprises […]

Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship

Turning researchers, hackers, hustlers, designers … into successful entrepreneurs. The Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University is a system of programs and activities that offers a unique path of entrepreneurship education, engagement, collaboration and opportunity — for a truly transformative learning experience. Education & […]