IW’s Technology Commercialization Initiative

Technology Commercialization Initiative

Through a competitive selection process, IW’s Technology Commercialization Initiative (TCI) intends to provide funding for short-term projects at early-stage companies that address key issues in product technology development and commercialization.

The TCI is particularly interested in supporting short, focused projects (6 months or less) that build on and extend a Pennsylvania company’s core product technologies in the following areas: Robotic Technologies, Advanced Electronics, Advanced Materials, Life Sciences (primarily electronic devices & assistive technologies), & Information Technologies.

Who is eligible for this funding option?
Startup companies, established companies, and university researchers/groups in Pennsylvania for technology commercialization projects that advance the state of the industry in advanced electronics and robotic technologies, primarily through the design and early prototyping of product concepts for these markets. Collaborative projects between these groups are strongly encouraged.

Important features of this funding option:

  • Maximum proposed project duration: 12 months
  • Maximum TCI dollars per project: $100,000
  • Funding mechanism: Convertible note

Range of funding: Maximum $100,000
Website URL: https://www.innovationworks.org/programs/tci/