SMC Business Councils

The Community for Small Businesses

For over 70 years, SMC Business Councils has served as the business association providing products and services to small businesses across our region. We believe small businesses drive the economy here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, they are the lifeblood of our economy and define our proud heritage we call members of SMC.

Our Services

Our members are diverse in size, discipline and expectation. As a result, we offer a suite of services designed to help meet a variety of business needs. With offices in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, personal and individualized contact is convenient to your location. It is important to us that you get the most value from your membership with us, and the services that we offer are geared to accomplish that goal.

Human Resources

At SMC Business Councils we understand the significance of strong Human Resource practices. As your partner, we will help you create systems to stay compliant, as well as provide tools and expertise to manage your team and enhance performance. With a full spectrum of cost-effective services, SMC is your partner for all your HR needs.

SMC Insurance Agency

SMC Insurance Agency has been providing expertise for over 40 years. Our licensed experts help you research your options, understand requirements and stay compliant with the ever changing regulations. We offer a comprehensive array of insurance plans and provide guidance to help you get exactly what you need.

Government Advocacy

In today’s world, public policy is impacting your bottom line. For more than 70 years, SMC has been the voice of small business, manufacturers, and non-profits in Pennsylvania. We have achieved numerous legislative and regulatory successes through the relationships we and our members have cultivated with officials at both state and federal levels. As an SMC member, you can stay informed, meet lawmakers, and affect change in areas related to taxes, health care, regulations, workforce, and more.

Community/Affinity Programs

We understand the importance of meaningful connections with peers and business leaders. SMC offers a variety of networking opportunities designed to meet your preferences – breakfast programs, evening networking, member mixers, golf outings as well as cultural and sporting events. SMC members can connect and follow other members through our social media sites or stay informed with breaking news, important political developments or business information as it relates to your business.