The Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace is a student accelerator, started in 2015, which provides access to a deep mentor networks, inspirational co-working space, and a rich curriculum for student startups to prepare them to create and grow their business.

Unlike other Pittsburgh economic development led accelerators (IdeaFoundry, Thrill Mill, AlphaLab,etc.), the Blast Furnace was created by the University of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute for Pitt students at all levels who have a desire to be entrepreneurial, create new companies and receive hands-on learning on how to accomplish these dreams.


We want to increase your chance of entrepreneurial success. We want you better prepared.


Participate as a “Venture Team” consisting of:

  • Student Entrepreneurial Lead (Undergrad, Graduate, PostDoc, or other approved student)
  • Student Members (Undergrad, Graduate, PostDoc, or other approved student)
  • Mentor (Faculty or OTM/OED recruit, will be provided by University of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute)

Each team member must commit to attending the five in-person workshops and final presentations, plus time required for customer discovery, required reading and flipped lectures.

Neighborhood: Oakland


Contact: Babs Carryer

Phone: 412-401-5423